Odyssey stage 7 – Kilnwick Percy to Glebe Farm (nr Huggate)

An early start for a change.  Up at 05.30 am, John arrived at 6.  A banana and espresso for breakfast, and the unsettling feeling that a poo was impeding, but we were off for stage 7!

We have ran most of this section before in practicing so navigation was not an issue for a change.   This section though was tough, amazing scenery but that was mainly due to the steep chalk valleys we had to descend and ascend, then descend and acend again.  Well that and the glorious morning sunshine!

Parking as usual at stage 6’s turnaround point we started with a hard slog up the hill to the top of Millington bank, past a wood on our right.   The track eventually flattened out and after 3/4 of a mile or so, we took a sharp left onto a single track path through a field.   Over the top of this and we could see Millington at the foot of the bank, taking a sharp right and along the top of the bank.   Amazing views from here.  You could see for miles!  

We ran along the bank for a good mile, over a farm track and into another field.   This eventually descended into the first major valley.   We turned left at the end of the field, and the through a gate down a steep valley, the foot of which looked up onto a thin winding track.

We climbed up the steep goats trail, switching back left and up to a gate, then through a grass field with a hedgerow on our left, and along to our next steep decent.   Here is John checking out the view:

Down the very steep valley, far too steep to run down, and the up an even steeper ascent, practically using hands to climb at this point!  Then turning right and up and up we continued, through another gate and then taking a sharp left through a wood, with a ploughed field to our right.   Descending into another valley, through another gate and then taking a right along the bank.   On our left looking down to the foot of the valley we could see the road that links Huggate to Millington snaking through the valleys down to Millington Wood at the foot.   

Here the track was tricky, running uphill but with a awkward camber down to the slope.   We edged around and to the gate, which led onto a road.  We’d now covered about 4 1/2 miles.   Down the road to a T-Junction, and across and through a field heading uphill again.   At the summit of this field was the YWW acorn maker, telling up that Hessle was 35 miles back, and Filey was 44 miles ahead! Nearly half way!  

At the end of the field we turned right onto a farmers track, which led onto Pocklington Road.   We’d covered 5.2 miles, found a place to park and so started to head back.  Here is a couple of shots from this turnaround point:

Back then.   The poo urge from earlier was intensifying and John needed to get back so Sarah could go to Wireless1’s Big Weekend.   The way back was a tough slog though, the hills getting particularly hard now after such a distance. Here is an easier bit though as we stumble down the goat track:

Getting back up from here was arduous though, my hamstrings were literally on fire!

Eventually we arrived bank onto Millington Bank, crossed the field, and arrived at the track for a nice downhill back to Johns car.   

A nice sunny morning run, with 10.2 miles covered.   We are getting there..   Stay tuned for the next stage, the course is hotting up now!


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