Odyssey Stage 4 – High Hunsley to the A1079.

This week we decided to take advantage of the lighter evenings to get a stage of the YWW completed.   Eager to crack on, I picked John up just before 6 pm and we were at High Hunsley (Littlewood Road) by 6.30pm.

We started off the run beside a field of Oil Seed Rape / Rape Seed Oil (You choose, I’m not wading into that debate!), slightly down hill with a hedgerow to our left side.   We were travelling in a northerly direction and there was a strong easterly wind at our side.

After 400 yards or so, we took a right by the back of that field, and the downward angle increased as we ran into the wind.   Through a gate at the bottom we then descended a very steep bank and into a chalk valley (the classic Wolds landscape).    Turning left here, we ran back north at the foot of this valley, with grass slopes to either side.

The wind, although easterly, was channeled into us down this valley, so even though running slightly downhill the wind was slowing us down.   We turned left, and as the valley split into a couple of directions the wind channel flipped over to push from behind us as we headed west.

We arrived at a gate, which John couldn’t fathom how to open, so I climbed over.   John persevered, and got there in the end, coming through the gate the conventional way.   The valley here became a sea of Oil Seed Rape / Rape Seed Oil.    A blanket of yellow with our track through the middle.    Win the sun out and low, the sight was amazing!   Life affirming!   Spectacular!  Look:

We ran through this sea of yellow, for ½ mile or so, then the path bent right (north), up over a rise, and then down towards a gate at the end of the field.   Then through that over some grass, and up onto Beverley Road which cut across us.   The YWW sign pointed left onto Beverley Rd.

After only a few hundred yards, the sign pointed left (north) past a farm and up a rough farm track (called Wrangman Dale Road).   This was steep and hard going for 400 yards or so.   At the top we arrived at road called Stoneknowle Hill, and again the YWW pointed right.   After a few hundred yards it pointed left again (north), and we began a long, and lung busting ascent up the track of “Big Hill”.   The name of this geographical feature was no misnomer!

On and on it went.   There was a huge wind turbine at the summit, with many more off in the distance.   There was a couple of false summits on this track as the top never seemed to arrive.   Eventually in flattened out and then gradually we started to descend.


At the eventual foot of this descent we passed the YWW Acorn marker (Filey 59 ½ Miles, Hessle 19 ½ Miles).   Curiously this one working in ½ miles rather than the customary rounding up/down.    A flat section, and then we began to ascend once more until eventually the path took us to Beverley Lane as the road took a immediate left swing to continue our northerly trajectory onto Hessleskew Lane (the 2 roads merging).


Unsure of where to go next we checked the map.   We could see, we were within ½ mile or so of the A1079 so decided to continue on Hessleskew Lane, past Hessleskew Farm (on our right), down a hill and up a rise until we reached the A1079 running East to West.     We had done about 5 miles, but could see just across the road the YWW sign so we crossed over.    At the entrance to Arras Farm the YWW went off road again, so with a lay-by in which to park for stage 5 we headed back.   The YWW sign indicated that Goodmanham was now 2 ½ miles away.


The A1079 was a big milestone for us.   The YWW has 4 main arteries either at its boundary or cutting through it, which are: the A63, A1079, A166, and the A64.   If you consider these evenly split, we had crossed our first major section.  How exciting!

Running back we looked forward to a long down section to compensate for our suffering.   The wind became less forgiving through and as we hit the Oil Seed Rape / Rape Seed Oil valley it was right in our faces.  That coupled with a slight uphill and power sapping grass terrain made it a challenging return trip.    We arrived back at the car at exactly 8pm though, so the 10 miles had taken us 1hr 30 mins, which is what we’d expect (Stage 3 was 10 mins slower).

Again, awesome scenery, and we never lost the track.   Looking forward to traversing the Market Weighton section at stage 5.

Stay tuned for that one!



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