The Odyssey Stage 1 – Hessle to Welton

It has started!  Our quest to traverse East Yorkshire using the Yorkshire Wolds Way began on Saturday.  156 miles of mixed terrain lie in wait.  As sense of excitement was in the air.

I picked John up, and drove directly and correctly (a novelty for John to behold) to the Humber Bridge Country Park.   We parked up.  I strapped on my new Osprey Camel Pack. It had a 1.5 litre capacity (or 50oz for our American readers – Hi, by the way!), trail shoes on, and off we went to find the start.   I asked some dog walkers, but they had no idea what we were on about.  Not a good start.   A man with grey long hair (let’s call him Gandalf) spotted our confusion and led us down the hill to the riverside, under the Humber Bridge.  This he said wistfully “tis where all journey’s start…”.      We bid him thanks and said we’d meet him at the Prancing Pony in Bree, then I remembered he’s not Gandalf really.

The Hessle Windmill marks the start of the Yorkshire Wolds Way

WE. WERE. OFF!   We’d took a selfie at the start, and began our trek along the Humber riverside walk, the Humber on our left, the railway line to our right.    Almost immediately we happened upon a wedding venue, The Country Park Inn (we should have photobombed that wedding group picture). Then, for 2 fast, flat, and easy to navigate miles we continued along to North Ferriby.   We turned right under the railway bridge and up the hill into the town/village.

FullSizeRender (003)
Riverside path to N. Ferriby (John)

At the roundabout we turned Left and headed in what we hoped was still the right direction.   It took us all of 5 minutes to run through the entirety of North Ferriby, and place famous for being just 2 places below York City (i.e an actual City!) in the football league.   Just ponder that for a second…

North Ferriby

At the edge of the village/very small town of North Ferriby, a blue sign signaled that we should stick with the cycle path.   Here is where it went wrong.   Almost immediately after we had a choice of straight on, or left through a tunnel that led under the roundabout above.   Both looked legitimate, but which to choose?    We paused our watches (which by the way doesn’t mean we have the power to interrupt the space/time continuum), checked the internet, and the OS map gave the impression that the tunnel was our best option.

We ran through the tunnel, which took us along side the A63, we crossed it using a footbridge and ran into the village of Melton.   We ran through Melton, past a large school/college on our left, and eventually into Welton.   A long drag uphill followed for a further mile or so, and then down hill and through a small one-way system to a pub, the Green Dragon (Perhaps a venue to have a wet after our next leg?).

Green Dragon

At this point we’d covered 5 miles, and needed to think about turning back, however we we’re conscious that, although close, we were not on the YWW.  We just had to find it.   We ran past the church, left up Kidd Lane, and towards Elloughton.   At the top of a hill we had a great view of the A63 and the Humber, we’d hit 5.6 miles and still not YWW, so we turned back to Welton.

We turned left at the bottom of Kidd Lane up to the top corner of the village and there it was!  The YWW signpost towards South Cave (Left) and North Ferriby (Right).   We now could follow the right course back, AND, had determined the perfect place to park for Stage 2!  Up hill (again) towards North Ferriby we trotted.

At the top, we turned right, and after some initial “which trail to follow” confusion we hit upon our path again.   A narrow wooded trail going downhill on a steep decline (not as steep as York City’s though).   Our pace was quick and this was getting exciting.     It had that feeling of mountain biking about it.   A left uphill, then a right back down hill and we hit Melton Bottom Road.   Crossing over to the YWW again directly opposite, up a big hill and past Melton’s scout camp, and then back down the hill on the other side, again running fast down a wooded track.   At the bottom, and rather abruptly, we hit the A63.   We followed the signs to cross the slip-road and roundabout, and realised that this is where we went wrong before!   Instead of following the cycle path down the bank, we should of stayed on the footpath instead!  Doh!

melton scout camp
Melton Scout Camp

Still, at least the route back was negotiated with both precision and aplomb!

Back through North Ferriby then (the most striking feature was a massive house with an excellent water feature, and it went really far back as well – John was particularly keen to point this out (there was also a huge mansion that took our fancy earlier in Welton)), then right turn at the roundabout and down the hill to back to the riverside path.   Left onto the path, and a quick 2 miles back along the path to Hessle.   I spotted a train coming the other way, and in the style of Neil from the Inbetweeners, gesticulated at the train, which, rather satisfyingly, sounded it’s horn just for us!

We arrived back at Hessle, turned left, under the railway, up a hill and back to the car for Wagon Wheels!  12 miles done.  Stage 1 over.    Next up on the Odyssey is Welton to South Cave!

humber bridge

Next weekend though we pause the Trail Running Division, for a more traditional EDG event, the Frinskney Half Marathon nr Skegness.   Stay tuned for those shenanigans!




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