EDG Odyssey Training Part 3 (Tardiness)

What a day Saturday was!   Glorious spring weather! Around 17c, slight breeze and glorious sunshine all day.   What a day to head out for a trot on the wolds.

Opting for a change, we decided to tackle the “Minster Way” named so, I assume, due to its proximity to York Minster.   I drove today (again bringing no extra stuff with me), John (as usual laden with running kit and provisions) as passenger.    Our parking/starting point today was in Gt Givendale.  Great indeed.    We headed down the Minster Way bridleway past the Beaver Camp.

Note – Beaver Camp is not a euphemism, far from it, my youngest was camping out there for the evening, and I hoped to wave at him as I ran past it.  I couldn’t see him though, and actually stumbled through not paying enough attention to the deck.   It does have an amusing name though, I can imagine a 80s American comedy film (I always say film not movie, because I am English not American!) franchise akin to “Porkies” being called Beaver Camp.

Beaver Camp
The Beaver Camp (Scout Hut)

Great views abound, and a bubbling stream trickled along to our right.   We crossed a stream, through a couple of gates, and then the track petered out, and for a few seconds we had lost our Minster way.     At the top of the field we spied a gate, and headed for it.   We were back!   We ran through a farm, got barked at by the farmers dog, and arrived at a road T-Junction.  Heading straight across and downhill we came upon Millington.


We had planned to pick up the Wolds Way here, but opted instead to stick with Minster Way, so we headed to the foot of a valley, across a wooded boardwalk thing, past a mint house, and then headed up a massive hill the the top of a bank.   After a huge slog to get up we we’re confronted with the Yorkshire Wolds Way.   But which direction to choose?  Right would have to take us back to Millington, so we opted for Left; our mission – to get to the turnaround point we reached at Training Route 2 (I suggest you read this if you haven’t already!).

At the top, John did a full on “look-out” pose, as you can see on the featured image a top of this blog.  Lolz!

Top of the bank, looking back down towards Millington

Across the top of the bank, heading North, stunning valley views to our left, we arrived at a valley.   For a change (John is the one usually direction-ally challenged), I took us off the path, owing to a degree of valley confusion.  We we’re not quite where I thought we’d got to, you see?  Eventually working out how to get down the steep bank and onto the YWW again, we had to go up a steep ziggzagging thin rocky path (like where you see Mountain Goats).   This was walking territory I am not ashamed to admit!

Mountain Goat

At the top we had a straight grassy path (that’s more like it), we found the valley I thought we had before, ran down it (that was fun!), stumbled back up it (not so much), took a left, arrived at a gate, took a right along the valley top.   Past the Galloway cows (John now thinks they are “Belted Galloways”).  Past the Suffolk sheep (no advance on Suffolk). Past the spike in the foot location (See last blog for more on this), and back to the road near Hugate.

belted galoways
Belted Galloways

We we’re now 3 miles away from Millington, which was 2 miles from Givendale, we had already ran 6 miles, and it was late!

We therefore”pelted it”down the valley road back toward Millington, picking up part of the Bishop Wilton Half Marathon (one of the races we enter each year).  Up a steep hill (but at least it was one on road not mud), and eventually up to Millington.   I was ahead, and knowing what a spaz John is for directions, I hung back to make sure he never missed the right turn up the hill.

We crossed the road, I was still ahead when we ran past the dog and the farm again (it barked again).  Through the gate, and then I retraced my steps down the grassy bank from earlier.   Up ahead a saw this figure in black drifting down a steep hill.   It had a self satisfying smile on it’s face, and then it dawned on me..   It’s was John, in full cheat mode taking a massive short cut!!!   Bell-end sprung to mind.

We crossed the stream again, ran past the Beaver Camp (it was very loud with kid noises (human not goat) but still no sign of the lad).  Up past the little church and back to the car.  A Very quick coffee from John’s flask, and the back home quick style.  We we’re both late.  John had a beer festival to attend, I had a patio to blast clean and dark was upon us.    The phone rang.  Trouble.

Givendale church
Givendale Church

Ace run though.  11.5 challenging miles complete.  Amazing day for it was well.



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