EDG Odyssey Training – Part 2 (Animals)

The second adventure started in the parking place in Fridaythorpe but this time headed in the other direction towards the start of the Wolds Way, the usual start, John with the kit and water, Scott with now’t. I had run part of this route before when I got terribly lost so warned Scott about some deep mud before we entered our first valley, too late. Another baffoonish episode.

(Note from editor – That’s bollocks, he never warned me!)

The slow descent through the valley was a perfect start to the run, steady, good pace and downhill, however we knew this would form the last mile on the return. It was too good to last we were now faced with arguably the steepest and biggest hill we’d faced. A steady jog soon turned into a walk and almost crawl but we made it to the top and I knew that was the worst of the hills for a while.

YWW Hugate
Near Hugate.  We ran past these following a steep ascent.  Amazing scenery!

Various up and downs took us through farmyards and woodland until we eventually got to a point crossing the A166, (Editor – Again bollocks, it was Driffield Road, nowhere near the A166, we actually started on the A166!  No wonder he got lost in the Prologue section) more steady climbs led us to a long grass track across the top of a valley where first we encountered a herd of cattle which I have tried to identify but haven’t found a match of Google, so we’ll call them woolly, small, multi-coloured Galoways. Then a flock of what I think were Suffolk sheep, who scarpered as we ran towards them. Through a couple of gates and an orchard we arrived at our steepest downhill and our steepest uphill. But with 6 miles on the watch a good point to stop.

Galoways (Like those spotted on the run)

We turned around and re-traced our steps through the sheep, I’d gained a lead on Scott as he was photographing scenery, I bypassed the cattle and then heard Scott cursing, jumping up and down in pain, he was still upright so I carried on.

Suffolk sheep
A Suffolk Sheep (Cartoon Sheep)

I stopped at the next gate to hear he’d stood on a spike. I’m sure that incident is worth a blog on its own.

Some great downhills led to the slog up through the last valley we had been expecting, slowly we plodded on to make it back to the car. We drank the last of the water and coffee from the now, legendary flask only for one more surprise.

Our post run favourite snack has recently been cheese and marmite scones, preferably buttered, but today I had a surprise for Scott, Sarah had been to the village bakers that morning to only go and purchase their bread of the week, cheese and marmite. What better, a cracking run followed by black coffee, buttered bread. Needless to say we went home happy.

Postscript:  On Monday Morning Scott had to get a tetanus injection due to the spike injury.  Now that is comedy!



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