EDG Trail Running Division (TRD) – Odyssey Training Part 1

The East Dunford Griffin’s has new kit!  Well..John has.  I’ve just got some new trail shoes. We’ve just done the Harewood House Half Marathon, and it’s fair to say we’ve developed a healthy taste for the great outdoors!

The Odyssey comes next, where we traverse the Yorkshire Wolds Way in both directions, through a series of 10-15 mile stages.   Training has begun in earnest.   We’ll actually it began in Fridaythorpe.  Not sure where earnest is to be honest?

Our first training run was Fridaythorpe to the Raisethorpe Estate just past Thixendale.   And it started thus:

We began in the peaceful East Riding village on the A166, running 1/2 mile up a slight elevation until we reached the first big valley.   The weather was cool and sunny, and the views were breathtaking.   A steep decline (not looking forward to coming back up) took us to the foot of the valley.  Talk at this point centered on why its taken us so long to stop running around Scoreby Lane when we have this on our doorstep!.   Spirits darkened as we had a long slog up hill through thick grass.   We reached a farm track, followed it until we hit a road (not literally), then 300 yards down a muddy farm track until we hit our second valley.  Another amazing view!

When we reached the bottom we came across a curious swirling mound structure, that I thought looked a bit crop circle-y, but it wasn’t one of them.   Here it is.



We the ran on the valley floor, through a gate, past some sheep.  John thought they looked like cartoon sheep owing to having black faces.     We hit more thick mud (bloody tractor tracks!), and I stumbled, but rescued by fall just in time.   Next we found another road, and followed the flat smooth asphalt all the way into Thixendale (about 1/2 mile away).

Then up another steep track to a fantastic view over the wolds.  We noted a barn as yet unconverted, and imagined what it would be like if bought and given the Grand Designs / Restoration Man treatment.  Marvelous.   Mcleod/Clark  would have literally soiled themselves at this view!

A couple more twists and turns past a lone dog walker and then we decided enough was enough.   We had reached the Raisethorpe Estate (which I know make Gin, because I bought Lisa some of that from the Designer Outlet), there was a massive downhill, followed by a more massiver uphill (can’t be arsed with that), we’d hit 5 miles, and it was getting darker.  Time to go head back to John’s car.

We turned back, past that lone dog walker again (said hello again), and our downs became ups and our ups became downs (because we were going the other way.  See?).   Cresting our final ascent we ran into Fridaythorpe for a coffee from John’s new flask.   We lamented the closure of the pub, and went off home.  Happy and content.   10 miles complete.  Our 1st reconnaissance mission for the Odyssey over.


Next up, we try the other direction for even more shits and giggles…


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